noun | An earthly representative of God

We believe that beauty is a state of being. Our styles and inspirations transcend time and place to create a synthesis of beauty, dignity, and elegance that can be recognized and admired in every corner of the world. 

Let us get to know you better. Give us your vices and struggles, dreams and passions. We will take your story and tailor it into the fabric, cut, and fit of the garments that are uniquely yours. 


Our Story

Since 2010, Vicegerent has worked to procure the world’s finest products for the discerning gentleman. We seamlessly blend American quality, English structuralism, and Italian flair, bringing you our vision of the modern man.

All of our products are limited in number and feature obsessive research into materials, detail, and design. From selecting the most opulent fabrics for our handmade clothing to choosing ethically-sourced, avant-garde accessories from leading artisans, we craft timeless articles that will always transcend the vagaries of fast fashion and last for a lifetime.

Our Ethos

There was a time when we used to know who made our clothes, where our food came from, and who delivered our mail. Vicegerent strives to provide an experience reminiscent to these times by placing the utmost importance on the relationships we strike with our clients, our business partners, and our tailors. We are completely independent and do not use factories to produce our garments. Your garments are designed, hand-cut and sewn by real people dedicated to the craft of producing fine-tailored clothing. 

I design clothes so that people viewing the garment will have an irresistible urge to know more about the individual


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