Alterations & Repairs



Arms Taper..................$55
Stomach To Vents.....$70
Jacket Length.............$80

*Same-day service is available for a surcharge.
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Stomach Taper........$35
Stomach + Arms.....$55
Arms Taper................$30
Sleeve Or Cuff.........$35

*Same-day service is available for a surcharge.
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Leg Taper..........$40

+$5 to above pricing for Jeans

*Same-day service is available for a surcharge.
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Vicegerent Alterations

Not long ago, it was perfectly acceptable — even honorable — to repair one’s clothing. Well-made clothes were costly and seen as heirlooms, passed down from parent to child. Clothes were not just stuff; there was a spiritual connection. With the advent of industrial-scale manufacturing and synthetically produced “fabrics,” replacing clothes altogether became the norm. While not all clothes are worth salvaging, our Alteration & Repair Program is a small effort to push back against this “discardable culture” promoted by the fast fashion industry.

The Vicegerent Alterations & Repairs Advantage

‣ Identifying your exact needs and refining your creative vision is what we do better than any other “neighborhood shop.” Our team of skilled seamstresses understands the importance of a perfect fit and is dedicated to providing you with unrivaled service

‣ Deep understanding of aesthetics: because we remain abreast of the latest and innovations as well as what’s classic and timeless, we can guide you with confidence on what is and isn’t possible

‣ Iconic and comfortable studio environment in the heart of Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood

‣ Our convenient mail-in alterations service gives you access to world-class tailoring without visiting our atelier in person


See what our clients say about our services

Great product and customer service. Highly recommended!!
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Vicegerent is excellent. Compared to other tailors, Osman has an approach which I appreciated. He doesn’t just throw a bunch of fabrics and options in front of you. He seems to curate what he thinks would look good, reflects your style (trendy, classic) and what the use case is (work, wedding etc). For the uninitiated sartorial man, this handholding and guidance is necessary lest we follow what is published in a magazine and end up embarrassing ourselves. I also appreciate the white glove service. I was overseas and Osman ensured my clothes were delivered to my hotel in tip top condition. I highly recommend vicegerent as your exclusive and only tailor.
Khazi Motu
Absolutely loved my experience working with Osman at Vicegerent!! All the work is superb!! The attention to detail is amazing. All the pieces I’ve had made (shirts, slacks, blazers, and a 3-piece suit) have a perfect fit!!
Mir Alikhan
Wow was this experience really perfect! Simply needed my dress pants a little skinnier. Brought in my favorite pair of skinny jeans and dress pants and the result was perfect! Got my dress pants the same fit as my skinny jeans! Never have I had professional wear actually match my body. Thank you! 😊
Eric Pierson II
I highly recommend Vicegerent for all your clothing needs. His eye for design and style is impeccable. He provides a premium experience and a premium product. I have some items that are 7-8 years old that I still get compliments on. He never steers me in the wrong direction in terms of colors, fit and style. What I appreciate most about him is the subtle custom design elements you won’t get off the rack that really make your outfit stand out. Wonderful person as well who is very accommodating. Brought my daughter along for a fitting and he was kind enough to entertain her while I tried on some items. Even gave her a small keepsake that she really is enjoying.
Rizwan Misbah
Vicegerent has the best custom suit experience I've ever gotten, by far. They're very friendly, and go the extra mile to understand what you're looking for out of your suit. Their fabric collection is also great. The sheer variety of materials, colors, and patterns that you can select from to create your suit is impressive, and they've got some really beautiful ones. The amount of customization you can get is also amazing. From your suit's lapels and buttons and pockets, to embroidering a name or design on the inside, to having them make entirely unconventional garments - there's a surprising amount of requests they'll take on. And when you get the final product, the fit is immaculate. And they make any adjustments if needed. Hands down the best place to get all your custom menswear. I've come back multiple times, and they never disappoint
Had a great experience with Idrees. Professional, courteous, and efficient: Idrees walked me through all their options and offered his input on the ideal suit I was looking for. The studio presentation was great too, it felt like a true bespoke experience. Would definitely recommend for folks in the market for a high-end suit. Since the options are endless and all custom, it seems like a great opportunity to bring unique ideas and add to the personalization factor. Most important to me was their follow through- Idrees checked with my fit several times and made multiple alterations to make sure the fit was perfect. You certainly can’t get this level of detail and care at a department store. 10/10 for me, give Idrees a call.
Patrick W
Osman is fantastic! I went looking for a wedding reception outfit and came out with a masterpiece. Osman is prepared, asks the appropriate questions to get to know you and ensures you're satisfied. He has unlimited fabrics, designs, and colors. Highly recommend for your next suit. He'll make sure you have the best experience possible.
Sheel Shah
Amazing experience. Osman is super punctual and always made me feel appreciated as a customer. Would 10/10 use him in the future.
Tanner Fry

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